Friday, 22 May 2009

This will be the last blog - tomorrow I'm off to London to break a few heads and show the SPG (or whatever the Met call their thugs now) that we're harder than them.

Today is exactly 6 months since Laura died - I've done my best to stay peaceful, but the politicians have kept me permanently angry, so whoever tries to stop me storming Parliament tomorrow will be sorry.

Fuck them all, and I'm off to nick for kicking the shite out of a few uniformed thugs.



  1. Bri, I guess Laura is your wife (daughter?) now nobody likes either seeing plod (TSG superceded SPG) injured/killed or as I must do someday soon putting a samurai sword/machete into the cunts but if you deploy you'll be in jail and miss the fucking revolution. Whilst I'd like tomorrow to be Day One of the revolutio the Great British public are cunts & will take a while to boil. You know how many times since May 2004 I've had to bite my tongue? One of you 10,000 of them, make your action count. A dozen of the sub human excreta plod vs Bri. How long will that last? Become a Werewolf. Wait. Wait. Then strike.

  2. Good luck dear fellow. God be with you.