Thursday, 23 April 2009

St Georges Day

Well, here we go again - it's the day on which Englishmen should celebrate their Englishness, Shakespeare's birthday and all that.

I'm Welsh, so have already had my saint's day (yes, I wore a daffodil all day and didn't mind looking a bit silly), but our little circle of middle-aged men of varied ethnicity and shade will all be raising a glass to both St George and the Bard today. It's Everton's birthday too, so there's likely to be some Jamaican chaos going on later.

I find it a shame that St George's day isn't more widely celebrated, and that the political classes seem to be actively opposed to the display of the English flag, as though there is an ingrained fear that celebrating your Englishness is wrong and may lead to BNP tendencies or worse. Any BNP supporter encountering our little celebration today would be best advised to keep very, very quiet - we're all British, but all different sorts of British, and we're determined to celebrate our Britishness today.

So get out in the spring sunshine, gather as many friends as you can, and toast England, St George and Shakespeare until you can toast no more.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

May thine own acts follow you

This is another personal blog - you may read or ignore as you please.

About 3 years ago, I came home from work to find two young girls sat on our couch.

Laura had (as was her way) picked them up off the street and offered them a bed for the night.

That night turned into six months, during which we gave S & N (no names- they are their own people) a stable place to build on, enough confidence to kick their habits and to move on with their lives.

S, we knew, made it - we're still in touch and she's now in a good relationship with a man that loves her and cares for her.

We lost touch with N - we heard a lot of stuff about her going on the crack and moving away, and were worried about her.

Today was a red letter day for me - I bumped into N in town, and she's clean, happy and in a good relationship with one lovely daughter and another on the way.

Just goes to prove - never pass by on the other side, because sometimes your little bit of help works wonders.

Sentimental again, I know - but sometimes life's like that ;o)

Friday, 17 April 2009

Jacqui Smith's a Cunt

For OH:

Bastard Holborn has this great campaign
Which will upset poor Jacqui again -
To get on the front,
Call Jacqui a cunt -
He'll add you to his roll of disdain.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Braveheart Programme

I live in Aldershot - it's an army town, slowly fading under the cosh of New Labour that has decimated and overstretched our armed forces.

One of my favourite watering holes is the Trafalgar - it's the safest place to drink in town, and a great place to chill out and watch rugby.

Today's Indy has an excellent article about the Traf and its bond to the Paras.

The main thrust of the article, though, is the lack of care given by the New Labour swine to our troops - interviews with several of the ex-Paras that drink there highlight the problems that PTSD causes to too many of our ex-servicemen and women.

I've never served (tried to join the Marines but my eyesight's too poor), but have spent many hours in the company of these fine gentlemen, and can attest to their suffering and their sense of abandonment by the country that they fought for.

There's an initiative being run from the pub to try to help the veterans - the Braveheart Programme. They should have charitable status soon, so when they do I suggest we all contribute to this cause rather than the leftist dominated nonsense that is Oxfam or any of the other charities that help the undeserving.

If you read this, please spread the word - as the saying goes, if you're not prepared to stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Consummate Dissembling

I've been reading and re-reading our glorious leader's 'apology' (as published on the ever so independent BBC), and find the following phrase extremely telling:

"I am assured that no minister and no political adviser other than the person involved had any knowledge of or involvement in these private emails that are the subject of current discussion."

This is a very carefully constructed sentence - so careful, in fact, that it stands out from the rest of the letter as probably not having been written by Brown.

Note the use of the phrase "the subject of current discussion" - is that needlessly precise, or just lawyerspeak? Brown (or more likely his legal advisors) specifically restricts his denials to the emails that have so far been released - by now he will have the full correspondence between McBride, Draper and whoever else (Two Dinners and Charlie Boy - we're looking at you...) was involved, and will know that there is still more pain to come, provided the MSM has the cojones to publish.

The use of the word 'private' to describe the emails is also disingenuous in the extreme - these emails were sent from a government email account, by a person employed as a civil servant, and are thus subject to FOI rules of disclosure.

The rest of the letter is so clumsily phrased that it could have been written by a politics student - I could have written better English than that 35 years ago, when I was taking my grammar school exams.

I hope Guido releases some more soon - now that Brown has made a noose for his own neck, more revelations could sink the lying evil swine for good, along with the remainder of his rotten Parliament.

Brown's days are numbered, and the writing's on the wall - I for one have the Laurent Perrier on ice.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Faith and Unreason

I've nicked the title directly from the Indy, but here is a story that sums up the worst of the New Labour disease that has infected our country over the last 12 years.

A wonderful headmistress, who turned a failing primary school into what should (given the circumstances) have been the pride of the country, has been hounded out of her job, her marriage and possibly her home by the insidious poison of fear that paralyses the semi-incompetents that run our local councils.

Erica Connor, a woman who worked tirelessly to improve a school with a small minority of native English speakers, doing untold good for those under her care, was hounded out of her job by the actions of a couple of Islamist school governors and the supine and negligent attitude of her local council.

We need more women like Erica (I say 'women' advisedly, because primary school teachers are overwhelmingly female) who are willing to make schools in deprived areas work, and who do their utmost to integrate the local community into the wider community that we all wish to inhabit.

Her 'crime', if it is that, was to oppose two school governors who wished, in line with the thinking of one Anthony George Linton Blair, to convert her school to a 'faith based' institution. No matter that she had taken a school that scored 5% on the maths SAT, and made it a resounding success (scoring over 90% on all 3 SATs) - the multicultural nonsense espoused by Blair and New Labour, and the power that even the suggestion of politically incorrect behaviour has over the ignorant and stupid that occupy our local councils has cost Erica her job and the children of that part of Woking their chance of a decent future.

If a school is succeeding, then why on earth should the governors be interfering in this way?

If a school is succeeding, then why should Surrey CC behave in the manner they did, launching two enquiries based only on the accusations of a couple of Islamists who add nothing to the quality of education?

If a school is succeeding, then why change anything?

No swearing today - I always get very polite before I explode.

Damn all New Labour, their corrupt institutions, their short-sighted multicultural nonsense and their dhimmis on Surrey CC.