Monday, 13 April 2009

Consummate Dissembling

I've been reading and re-reading our glorious leader's 'apology' (as published on the ever so independent BBC), and find the following phrase extremely telling:

"I am assured that no minister and no political adviser other than the person involved had any knowledge of or involvement in these private emails that are the subject of current discussion."

This is a very carefully constructed sentence - so careful, in fact, that it stands out from the rest of the letter as probably not having been written by Brown.

Note the use of the phrase "the subject of current discussion" - is that needlessly precise, or just lawyerspeak? Brown (or more likely his legal advisors) specifically restricts his denials to the emails that have so far been released - by now he will have the full correspondence between McBride, Draper and whoever else (Two Dinners and Charlie Boy - we're looking at you...) was involved, and will know that there is still more pain to come, provided the MSM has the cojones to publish.

The use of the word 'private' to describe the emails is also disingenuous in the extreme - these emails were sent from a government email account, by a person employed as a civil servant, and are thus subject to FOI rules of disclosure.

The rest of the letter is so clumsily phrased that it could have been written by a politics student - I could have written better English than that 35 years ago, when I was taking my grammar school exams.

I hope Guido releases some more soon - now that Brown has made a noose for his own neck, more revelations could sink the lying evil swine for good, along with the remainder of his rotten Parliament.

Brown's days are numbered, and the writing's on the wall - I for one have the Laurent Perrier on ice.


  1. "provided the MSM has the cojones to publish."

    Their cojones are kept in their wallets.