Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Braveheart Programme

I live in Aldershot - it's an army town, slowly fading under the cosh of New Labour that has decimated and overstretched our armed forces.

One of my favourite watering holes is the Trafalgar - it's the safest place to drink in town, and a great place to chill out and watch rugby.

Today's Indy has an excellent article about the Traf and its bond to the Paras.

The main thrust of the article, though, is the lack of care given by the New Labour swine to our troops - interviews with several of the ex-Paras that drink there highlight the problems that PTSD causes to too many of our ex-servicemen and women.

I've never served (tried to join the Marines but my eyesight's too poor), but have spent many hours in the company of these fine gentlemen, and can attest to their suffering and their sense of abandonment by the country that they fought for.

There's an initiative being run from the pub to try to help the veterans - the Braveheart Programme. They should have charitable status soon, so when they do I suggest we all contribute to this cause rather than the leftist dominated nonsense that is Oxfam or any of the other charities that help the undeserving.

If you read this, please spread the word - as the saying goes, if you're not prepared to stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.


  1. I have good contacts at my old base, Brum Airport. The secrecy surrounding the number of casualties is disgraceful. Thing is Labour might need them soon to prevent Snotty getting strung up. That would be interesting!

  2. None of the guys I know would lift a finger to save Snotty or his mates - especially TCH, who is hated beyond belief.

    If it does kick off, then it might well be 'open day' at the armouries...

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