Sunday, 29 March 2009

Soppy Sunday

I've been struggling to get over the death of my wife for the last few months - here's a poem about her.

Sweet Laura Adele
My lover, my woman, my belle
She drank and she farted
And that's why I started
With sweet Laura Adele.

She loved me, she hurt me she did -
She had me so frightened I hid,
For she was a maid
In whom life was displayed
And I'd do whatever she bid.

We had our three years on the cross
All fighting and fucking and floss -
But we stayed together
Through hell and bad weather
Sweet Laura's my life's worst loss.

Sweet Laura Adele
I loved that woman like hell
Her temper, her smile
Her cunning and guile
My sweet Laura Adele.


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Angela fucking Eagle

I normally like to reflect before posting, but watching Newsnight is making my blood boil.

That useless Scouse tart Angela Eagle won't answer a straight question - even Paxman lost patience with the rugmuncher for Toxteth East.

Everyone who knows anything about banking accepts that this shower of shits has fucked up big style, yet Eagle is still trying to claim that 'basic economics' (by which I assume she means Keynsian daydreaming) requires additional 'financial stimulus'.


What we need now is a huge reduction in public spending, and tax incentives to promote real wealth creation (that's manufacturing, to all you Thatcher fans) in this country.

I can't begin to describe my disgust at the level of idiocy that passes for politics these days.

Hoons, the lot of them.

An Occasional Series

I like corrupting classic poems and spewing bile at politicians - so I'll be posting some reworkings of classic British poems as and when the mood takes me.

Larkin gets it today - fucking librarian twat.

"They be the Curse"

They fuck you up, the Righteous twats,
They may not mean to but they do -
They ignore the logic of their acts
And think their lies are true.

But they were fucked up in their turn
By Marxist teachers in their schools,
Who taught them how to slash and burn,
To steal and butcher all the rules.

Scum hands on Righteousness to scum.
The vicious circle knows no end.
Get out, protest and beat the drum,
And pray that Britain soon may mend.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Barrow boys whinge about possible new banking regulations - may leave country

The Independent reports ( that 'bankers' are concerned that new FSA rules may deter them from doing business in London.

Given that the majority of our current woes can be laid at the door of these barrow boys who had no conception of fiscal responsibility, along with the idiot politicians who connived in their reckless and possibly fraudulent activities, all I can say is 'good riddance'.

An acquaintance of mine who refused to be involved with the FSA, despite being tipped for the top job (no names, no pack drill - check the Private Eye archives if you want to try to figure out who it is) summed it up perfectly the other day - banks should be run by bankers, not shopkeepers.

We need these new rules on liquidity and financial instruments, to ensure that we never again enter the cheap credit / expensive property spiral that has characterised the last 12 years of Labour maladministration.

And if that means that the dodgy operators go elsewhere, then so be it - I just wish we could have some new rules that would make all the politicians piss off as well.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Poor Phil Woolas

I was distressed to hear about poor Phil Woolas - the Dhimmi for Oldham East - having his offices invaded by a bunch of lefty loons.

I have a history with Woolyarse going back for years - he was the character on top of the bus stop identifying student protesters when we blocked Westminster Bridge in the heady days of student grant protests, and I was the instigator of the sit down that blocked the bridge.

But he has my sympathy now - all he has done is to play the race card for political gain and to try to gain himself some respect among the white (and mostly BNP now, haha) voters of Oldhamistan, and these thugs have the temerity to occupy his office?

There are loads of lamp posts in Oldham, and surely it's not beyond the wit of the 'No Borders' arseholes to buy some piano wire?

Fuckwits on both sides - but it's a pity that Woolas survived...

Helping Africa - are we really helping?

I'm a really sentimental old sod, and have been watching the Comic Relief programme all night, and crying at the plight of the people who are being helped by our charity.

I was brought up to believe that the example of the Good Samaritan was the ultimate source of good ethics, but I have been moved to wonder whether this is right.

There was a statistic on the programme just now - that one in 8,000 women die in childbirth in the UK, versus one in eight in Mali. The plea was for some money to reduce post-partum deaths in Mali - it would cost us a fiver per mother.

I was tempted to contribute, but then thought - what will be the costs of saving that life? Not just now, but in the future? Do the Malians have the infrastructure to support all the extra children thus produced?

Are we, by our sentiment, storing up more charity cases for the future?

Let's get our own country in order first, and understand what we can afford - then we can worry about what we can afford in the long term for charity to our bretheren.

For charity is not charity at all if it will lead to future suffering.

Apologies if I offend anyone from the charity industry, but there I am - you may vilify me as you wish.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Muslims protest - Brits arrested.

I'm personally against our government's adventurism in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the news that Luton Islamists disrespected and protested against the Royal Anglia Regiment on its return from duty disgusts me.

These lads (and lasses) were doing their duty - our outrage should be at the arseholes who send them into danger while troughing huge expense accounts and pensions at our (and our soldiers') expense.

And who got arrested at the demo?

Two white British locals who were outraged enough to take action.

The policemen responsible should hang their heads in shame.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Julie Myerson - the worst of Britain

I have been listening to the radio and watching Newsnight today, and the insufferable Julie Myerson has been droning on and on about how her son has a 'skunk habit', and she kicked him out of the house after reading some shite by a Yank about 'tough love'
Sorry, Julie, but I have smoked some of this 'skunk', and it's not a patch on the Afghan black we used to get in the 70s. You may well have read a few bits of propaganda written by idiots, but there's no substitute for experience - and I can tell you that cannabis isn't addictive or harmful in the least.

What you experienced was a hormonal teenager - if you weren't capable of dealing with that, then you're not a fit mother, and you deserve all the scorn that the press has heaped on you.

If and when you grow up, then have more kids - until then, please leave parenting to us adults.

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I'm an old leftie - I believe in the NHS and that the welfare state should be a safety net, but I'm Welsh and proud of the fact, and resent the Islamifiaction of British society, so if you're a Neues Arbeit supporter, then expect me to disagree with you.

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