Friday, 13 March 2009

Poor Phil Woolas

I was distressed to hear about poor Phil Woolas - the Dhimmi for Oldham East - having his offices invaded by a bunch of lefty loons.

I have a history with Woolyarse going back for years - he was the character on top of the bus stop identifying student protesters when we blocked Westminster Bridge in the heady days of student grant protests, and I was the instigator of the sit down that blocked the bridge.

But he has my sympathy now - all he has done is to play the race card for political gain and to try to gain himself some respect among the white (and mostly BNP now, haha) voters of Oldhamistan, and these thugs have the temerity to occupy his office?

There are loads of lamp posts in Oldham, and surely it's not beyond the wit of the 'No Borders' arseholes to buy some piano wire?

Fuckwits on both sides - but it's a pity that Woolas survived...

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