Monday, 9 March 2009

Julie Myerson - the worst of Britain

I have been listening to the radio and watching Newsnight today, and the insufferable Julie Myerson has been droning on and on about how her son has a 'skunk habit', and she kicked him out of the house after reading some shite by a Yank about 'tough love'
Sorry, Julie, but I have smoked some of this 'skunk', and it's not a patch on the Afghan black we used to get in the 70s. You may well have read a few bits of propaganda written by idiots, but there's no substitute for experience - and I can tell you that cannabis isn't addictive or harmful in the least.

What you experienced was a hormonal teenager - if you weren't capable of dealing with that, then you're not a fit mother, and you deserve all the scorn that the press has heaped on you.

If and when you grow up, then have more kids - until then, please leave parenting to us adults.


  1. I remember Afghani & Paki black, moroccan, gold and red leb.. that was proper pot wasn't it? The stuff they smoke now is lame in comparison :)

  2. Thanks Sue - you're the first to comeent, and I agree completely.

    Stay posted for more bile and contempt - if you think Old Holborn's rude, then just wait for my polite viciousness.

  3. I beg to differ on a couple of points.

    It can be addictive, on a par with cigarettes which are pretty addictive.

    Good skunk in my opinion is stronger than the resins of old, yeah I got mashed back then as I do now so it could be my memory.

    While the side effects of weed in general are mostly bullshit, the damage on the teenage developing brain is proven and seventeen is too young to smoke skunk.
    From the snippets of this story I have had the misfortune to digest it seems the boy did behave like a spoiled little prick and deserved to be thrown out.

  4. I had the misfortune to see Myerson again last night, on the Book Quiz.

    Simpering, unintelligent and a complete waste of space - is it any wonder she brought up a 'spoiled little prick'?

    I was smoking far stronger stuff at 15, and am still moderately sane, as are most of my confederates of the time.

    The supposed links with schizophrenia have now been debunked, and I still maintain that young Mr Myerson is just a hormonal teenager, ill served by a poor mother.

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