Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Muslims protest - Brits arrested.

I'm personally against our government's adventurism in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the news that Luton Islamists disrespected and protested against the Royal Anglia Regiment on its return from duty disgusts me.

These lads (and lasses) were doing their duty - our outrage should be at the arseholes who send them into danger while troughing huge expense accounts and pensions at our (and our soldiers') expense.

And who got arrested at the demo?

Two white British locals who were outraged enough to take action.

The policemen responsible should hang their heads in shame.


  1. Welcome to the blog world! I'm slightly confused about the leftie credentials. I suspect it's a case of the circle of politics. Move a certain point left or right and you get very close to each view! Still, as a resident of The Marches I'm also aware of the Welsh influence of common sense. Good luck. I have, however to declare a blinding anger at the last 12 years of Labour's economic holocaust!

  2. Oldrightie - my grandfather went down the mines at 13, and was involved in the 1926 strike, and the Cwm pit disaster.

    I learnt socialism at his knee, but don't recognise socialism in Neues Arbeit (my coining under another name, btw), and can't see a future with the new Tories under 'dave'.

    Thanks for your post, though - it's good to see British people represented, even if we have to circumvent the press.