Tuesday, 21 April 2009

May thine own acts follow you

This is another personal blog - you may read or ignore as you please.

About 3 years ago, I came home from work to find two young girls sat on our couch.

Laura had (as was her way) picked them up off the street and offered them a bed for the night.

That night turned into six months, during which we gave S & N (no names- they are their own people) a stable place to build on, enough confidence to kick their habits and to move on with their lives.

S, we knew, made it - we're still in touch and she's now in a good relationship with a man that loves her and cares for her.

We lost touch with N - we heard a lot of stuff about her going on the crack and moving away, and were worried about her.

Today was a red letter day for me - I bumped into N in town, and she's clean, happy and in a good relationship with one lovely daughter and another on the way.

Just goes to prove - never pass by on the other side, because sometimes your little bit of help works wonders.

Sentimental again, I know - but sometimes life's like that ;o)


  1. Nothing wrong with "sentimental", just too little around.

  2. I fear this is the exception that proves the rule that most junkies would have taken that kindness you showed as a weakness.

  3. A cheerful feel good blog.