Thursday, 23 April 2009

St Georges Day

Well, here we go again - it's the day on which Englishmen should celebrate their Englishness, Shakespeare's birthday and all that.

I'm Welsh, so have already had my saint's day (yes, I wore a daffodil all day and didn't mind looking a bit silly), but our little circle of middle-aged men of varied ethnicity and shade will all be raising a glass to both St George and the Bard today. It's Everton's birthday too, so there's likely to be some Jamaican chaos going on later.

I find it a shame that St George's day isn't more widely celebrated, and that the political classes seem to be actively opposed to the display of the English flag, as though there is an ingrained fear that celebrating your Englishness is wrong and may lead to BNP tendencies or worse. Any BNP supporter encountering our little celebration today would be best advised to keep very, very quiet - we're all British, but all different sorts of British, and we're determined to celebrate our Britishness today.

So get out in the spring sunshine, gather as many friends as you can, and toast England, St George and Shakespeare until you can toast no more.

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  1. Tis a pity your flag was hijacked by skin'eads.