Monday, 6 April 2009

Faith and Unreason

I've nicked the title directly from the Indy, but here is a story that sums up the worst of the New Labour disease that has infected our country over the last 12 years.

A wonderful headmistress, who turned a failing primary school into what should (given the circumstances) have been the pride of the country, has been hounded out of her job, her marriage and possibly her home by the insidious poison of fear that paralyses the semi-incompetents that run our local councils.

Erica Connor, a woman who worked tirelessly to improve a school with a small minority of native English speakers, doing untold good for those under her care, was hounded out of her job by the actions of a couple of Islamist school governors and the supine and negligent attitude of her local council.

We need more women like Erica (I say 'women' advisedly, because primary school teachers are overwhelmingly female) who are willing to make schools in deprived areas work, and who do their utmost to integrate the local community into the wider community that we all wish to inhabit.

Her 'crime', if it is that, was to oppose two school governors who wished, in line with the thinking of one Anthony George Linton Blair, to convert her school to a 'faith based' institution. No matter that she had taken a school that scored 5% on the maths SAT, and made it a resounding success (scoring over 90% on all 3 SATs) - the multicultural nonsense espoused by Blair and New Labour, and the power that even the suggestion of politically incorrect behaviour has over the ignorant and stupid that occupy our local councils has cost Erica her job and the children of that part of Woking their chance of a decent future.

If a school is succeeding, then why on earth should the governors be interfering in this way?

If a school is succeeding, then why should Surrey CC behave in the manner they did, launching two enquiries based only on the accusations of a couple of Islamists who add nothing to the quality of education?

If a school is succeeding, then why change anything?

No swearing today - I always get very polite before I explode.

Damn all New Labour, their corrupt institutions, their short-sighted multicultural nonsense and their dhimmis on Surrey CC.